Underworld LARP : Jericho

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commission for darling frida 

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Middle Earth Meme: 3 HEROES
2) Glorfindel

There stood the house of the Golden Flower who bare a rayed sun upon their shield, and their chief Glorfindel bare a mantle so broidered in threads of gold that it was diapered with celandine as a field in spring; and his arms were damascened with cunning gold.

-  The Book of Lost Tales, Part 2

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Lucky attendees of Sand Diego Comic-Con are going to get a first look at the Battle of Five Armies this weekend. Hopefully the rest of us won’t have to wait much longer.

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Commission for RedBeanViolin and Dapperowl of their version of Zelda from their super cool comic Demon Road! ch-ch-cheeckk it outt

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Meril in the trees by Ben Gun http://flic.kr/p/oaX5fC

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I imagine Saria would feel at peace taking walks through the Lost Woods.

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Wisdom’s Mirror

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The kitchen's under enormous strain, we are almost out of wine.
How long do you think they will be with us?
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